Things to do

Things you can do at the farm
  • Detox Itinerary

    - Arrive at noon
    - Swim in pool
    - Cook something
    - Dinner and wines
    - Wake up early and run
    - Late breakfast and go

  • Racecation Itinerary

    - Arrive at noon
    - Do the OCR Park
    - Shower and swim in pool
    - Dinner and drinks
    - Breakfast and go
    - Or do the OCR again and leave lunch time.

  • ATV Ride Itinerary

    - Arrive at noon
    - Ride ATVs to Rivers and Rice Terraces
    - Drink with friends
    - Dinner
    - Wake up late, breakfast and go.

  • Private Parties

    Have your own private party in the farm. Dance all night in your own private venue.

  • Grill Something Fresh

    Grill chicken or your meat of choice. Ask for fresh tanglad (lemongrass) and available herbs and chilis. Do this as a family activity.

  • Of Course a Camp Fire

    Start a camp fire with your kids and your friends.