Things to do

Things you can do at the farm
  • Of Course a Camp Fire

    Start a camp fire with your kids and your friends.

  • Grill Something Fresh

    Grill chicken or your meat of choice. Ask for fresh tanglad(lemongrass) and available herbs and chilis.

  • Adventure Bikes Off-Road

    Test your off-road skills on Taysan-Jaybanga-Lobo route. Cross a river. This ride is entry-level technical on rainy days. Best to go during the dry season.

  • Drink Beers at Sunset

    Drink your favorite alcohol during sunset and listen to chill reggae music.

  • ATV Rides with Friends

    Get muddy and wet. Do an ATV trip. Go to nearby farm roads and rivers.

  • Do Nothing / Detox

    Do absolutely nothing, detox and remember what its like to be just yourself.