Things to do

Things you can do at the farm
  • Of Course a Camp Fire

    Start a camp fire with your kids and your friends.

  • Grill Something Fresh

    Grill chicken or your meat of choice. Ask for fresh tanglad (lemongrass) and available herbs and chilis. Do this as a family activity.

  • Adventure Bikes Off-Road

    Test your off-road skills on Taysan-Jaybanga-Lobo route. Cross a river. This ride is entry-level technical on rainy days. Best to go during the dry season.

  • Drink Beers at Sunset

    Drink your favorite alcohol during sunset and listen to chill reggae music.

  • ATV Rides with Friends

    Get muddy and wet. Do an ATV trip. Go to nearby farm roads and rivers.

  • Swim in Pool

    Go for a swim with your kids. Sit on a lounge chair and fall asleep.

  • Forest Bathing

    Walk around the farm and connect with your surroundings. See, feel, smell and hear nature. This practice is called Shinrin-yoku in Japan. This promotes well-being and clarity of thought.

  • Learn About Hydroponics

    Learn how hydroponics work. Go to our greenhouse where we grow lettuce without pesticides. If you are lucky and the lettuces are mature, ask for some leaves and make a salad.

  • Sleep In a Hammock

    Go sleep in a hammock or read a book until you fall asleep.