Things to do

Things you can do at the farm
  • Swim in Pool

    Go for a swim with your kids. Sit on a lounge chair and fall asleep.

  • Drink Beers at Sunset

    Drink your favorite alcohol during sunset and listen to chill reggae music.

  • ATV Rides with Friends

    Get muddy and wet. Do an ATV trip. Go to nearby farm roads and rivers.

  • Of Course a Camp Fire

    Start a camp fire with your kids and your friends.

  • Grill Something Fresh

    Grill chicken or your meat of choice. Ask for fresh tanglad (lemongrass) and available herbs and chilis. Do this as a family activity.

  • Private Parties

    Have your own private party in the farm. Dance all night in your own private venue.

  • Forest Bathing

    Walk around the farm and connect with your surroundings. See, feel, smell and hear nature. This practice is called Shinrin-yoku in Japan. This promotes well-being and clarity of thought.

  • Enduro Trail Riding

    Go enduro trail riding in the mountains of Taysan and Lobo

  • Sleep In a Hammock

    Go sleep in a hammock or read a book until you fall asleep.